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Moreno Moser wins, Peter Sagan second

The Strade Bianche is the first win for Moser in 2013 and is a meaningful win: “Yesterday I said that I liked this race and I thought I was suited for it," affirmed Moreno. “My tactic in this type of race is to race by instinct. When the group slowed, I attacked and I think the others expected the tactic that for sure, Peter was going to help me. He was the one everyone else had to keep an eye on and control, so I benefitted from this.   Peter closed all the attacks from behind. Of course, other than Peter, the rest of the team was incredible because they took the situation in hand immediately. Everyone worked well, so I have to thank them as well because I wouldn't have won alone”.
“I think you saw that at a certain point I was a bit nervous, rightfully so, when nobody with me in front would give a hand. Of course, I can't blame them. And there of course I was a bitnervous but I couldn't up the pace by myself and give everything. To have done that and lose in the finale would have been dumb on my part. When I saw thegroup coming behind, I knew that was the time to go and give a bit more. Maybe you could say that I was given an opportunity to race calmly and calculating because I was pretty sure Peter behind could have won as well, even had they caught me. So I think it's a question of racing as a team. From the moment I was ahead, I couldn't push hard enough to risk being beaten by my breakawaycompanions. With one behind who can win, it's an advantage to race with Peter, and the same for him” added Moser.
Moser’s satisfaction was echoed by Sagan. “I think the team did a perfect performance. Our teammates made a lot of effort to lead the group and in the final we had double the chances to win. Moreno had the role of the joker and claimed a beautiful win. My second place? If a teammate wins I’m happy too” said Sagan.

Posted on Mar 4, 2013