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Don't Text and Drive Day

18th, December 2019

Don't Text and Drive Day 2019

Pledge to Put Your Phone Down on Dec. 22 and Help Save Lives

Our phones have become so integrated into our lives that we rarely ignore an alert - even when driving. Maybe we don't even realize it when we're doing it. Maybe we think we're the ones who can do it safely; other drivers are dangerous. But the truth is that reaching for your phone can increase your chances of getting into an accident by 700%.

Don't Text and Drive Day - Dec. 22, 2018
18th, December 2018

Don't Text and Drive Day

Pledge to Put Your Phone Down on Dec. 22 and Help Save Lives

It's something that's become so commonplace, many of us don't give it a second thought. Or we think we are the ones who do it safely while other people are dangerous. Texting and driving. The truth is that 8 out of every 10 car accidents in North America involve distracted driving. This commonplace 'bad habit' can have tremendous human cost.

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