Our Technology

SUGOI harnesses the latest technology within every garment we create. Intelligent fabrics, award-winning design, fit, and construction techniques are bestowed on our apparel to provide every performance advantage available.  Years of research and development fuels the designer insight that keeps our apparel ahead of the pack.

Sugoi Interface Technology Gloves

For a sport where feel is intimately connected to performance, the interface between rider and bike is vital. The importance of a good chamois is easy to discern: padding without bulk provides comfort for long miles in the saddle and protection against chafing; material choice drives ventilation and moisture management.

Sugoi Visual Technology Zap Bike

Our modern lives force us outdoors to commute and train in the dark, making it essential to be visible at night and safely extend your activity window. SUGOI’s Zap Collection has always upheld our standards for design, technology, and performance while providing superb visibility in low light and darkness.

Modular Technology

SUGOI's modular garments begin with our award-winning design and technology and add versatility to your quiver of apparel. Battling against the elements as the days get shorter is hard enough, but the weather in coastal and mountainous environments takes unpredictable to a new level. Our line of Modular apparel is designed to enhance your comfort and performance through changing climate and exertion levels.

Every athlete has different layering needs. At SUGOI, we work from the inside out, providing the optimal protection – one layer at a time – for any climate. We use our home-grown Canadian expertise to build fabrics that shield against extreme weather, regulate temperature, stretch with the body and provide maximum comfort so athletes at every level can focus on their performance.

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