SUGOI Brand Champions


SUGOI has created a unique Brand Champions program which supports and encourages outstanding athletes who set themselves apart through their passion and commitment - to push themselves, inspire others and embody a motivating attitude wherever they go.

Our mission is to help incredible athletes fuel their personal bests in the world of cycling, running and triathlon. The SUGOI Brand Champions program is geared towards supporting those athletes who choose to wear SUGOI with pride and inspire others on a daily basis. The main criterion for inclusion to the program is not always the people who are fastest in the competition, but it is the person who inspires others by chasing their own personal bests.

Many SUGOI Brand Champions are podium finishers in major international events; many others are everyday athletes whose personal bests come in different forms other than winning. All athletes are successful at what is important to SUGOI: the ability to be inspirational and to make a difference.

Matt Lieto
Matt Lieto

Professional triathlete Matt Lieto pushes hard at IRONMAN 70.3 California, Oceanside.

Sugoi Brand Champion Ted King
Ted King

Professional cyclist Ted King in his custom "King of the Road" Jersey.


Sugoi Brand Champion Ashley Clifford
Ashley Clifford

Professional triathlete Ashley Clifford training for race day.

Dylan Gleeson
Dylan Gleeson

Age group champion Dylan Gleeson takes on steep hills in anticipation of Ironman Canada, Whistler.


Cheryl Orlovsky
Cheryl Orlovsky

Cheryl Orlovsky celebrates a big win at Ironman Canada, Whistler.

Sugoi Brand Champion Fireman Rob
Fireman Rob

Rob Smith enroute to win the Peach Classic Sprint Championships.

27th, March 2015

SUGOI Announces 2015 Sponsorships

SUGOI is thrilled to announce its key sponsorships for the 2015 cycling and triathlon season. Teams include: Pepper Palace Pro Cycling, the Maverick Multisport Elite Triathlon Team, Sho-Air/Cannondale, and SoCal Cycling.

Sugoi Matt Lieto Triathlete Instagram Takeover
2nd, October 2014

Matt Lieto Instagram Takeover

At the Ironman World Championships in Kona

We love him. You love him. And now he is taking over our Instagram page. Pro triathlete Matt Lieto will join us in showing you around the Ironman World Championships in Kona from his unique & often hilarious perspective.

Check out this great article on to learn more about Matt and his remarkable fitness transformation from overweight spectator to professional triathlete. 

19th, September 2014

Remembering the Road To Whistler

Every individual must find their own path to get to this monumental event.  To earn a ticket to the iconic Ironman World Champions in Kona takes a lot of things.  Sacrifice, determination, a great support system and maybe most important, a unique ability to ignore pain, both on race day and in the months of training that come before it.

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