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The statistics are staggering. A cyclist or pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes in North American traffic accidents. You need everything in your arsenal to stay safe as you pursue your passion.

The SUGOI Zap Collection delivers unmatched full garment illumination, to be seen from every angle.

SUGOI first mastered full garment visibility with our Zap Bike Jacket, the ultimate commuter essential.  Then we pushed the envelope of high aerobic capability with our Zap Training jacket, built to enhance breathability in a visible garment like never before.

Since the launch of these hugely successful jackets, we have extended Zap technology into shorts, tights, thermal jerseys, a full range of accessories and pro-fit and semi-fit outerwear.

Extend your riding window like never before.  Don’t Just be Seen. Be Noticed.

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SUGOI Zap Bike Technology
SUGOI RS Zap Jacket, by Day

SUGOI Zap Training Jacket - when flashed with artificial light
SUGOI Zap Training Jacket - stealth by day, ultra reflective at night

Distance and Observation Angle of Visibility

Garments with Zap technology are designed to be visible within a critical detection distance of 140 metres (based on a vehicle travelling at 80 kph/50 mph).

Zap garments exceed the High Visibility Cycling Clothing Certificate Standard.

SUGOI Zap Technology: Distance and Observation Angle of Visibility

Zap is Certified for Level 1 (Car), Level 2 (Trucks/SUVs) and Level 3 (Oversize Commercial Vehicles)

The Silhouette Effect - Be Recognized as a Human Being

The Zap Collection produces a 'silhouette effect' by providing full body illumination that completes the human form, allowing drivers to register you as human in motion.

SUGOI Zap Technology - What is Zap

Zap technology is the application of microglass lenses on high performance fabrics, providing explosive light reflection.

SUGOI Visual Technology

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