Brand Champions


The eagerly anticipated 2011 Brand Champions kit is here! 

Created by one of SUGOI’s talented in-house artists, this kit was designed with the word champion in mind.  The bold new design represents athletes striving to achieve personal bests, with the vertical stripes symbolising the speed and movement of every champion.  SUGOI encourages all athletes to go beyond and we are honoured to partner with such an inspirational group of individuals.

Be one of the first to be seen in SUGOI’s new 2011 Brand Champions kit!

Brand Champions 2011 Kit

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About The Brand Champions Program

SUGOI’s Brand Champions are everyday heroes who inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle.  This program celebrates and encourages outstanding people who differ from the average athlete - those who set themselves apart from other athletes by their passion and commitment to push themselves to inspire others and to embody a motivating attitude, wherever they go.

Many SUGOI Brand Champions are podium finishers in major international events; many others are everyday athletes whose personal bests come in different forms other than winning.  Entry to the program is not dependent on speed or podium finishes - all accepted athletes are successful at what is important to SUGOI: the ability to be inspirational and to make a difference.

SUGOI Brand Champions benefit from limited time discount deals and special access to limited edition product for both training and racing...and the knowledge that they are a part of a unique team of athletes, joined by their love of excellent apparel.

SUGOI is now accepting applications for new participants based in the US to enter the program.  The program is currently full in Canada.


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Be inspired! 

Posted on Aug 10, 2011