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Compression socks for marathon training: The Sugoi R+R Knee High


While I liked the CEPs for the most part, the degree of difficulty in pulling them over my feet and calves was a 9.7.  Getting the socks in the proper position without tearing them is a workout in itself, that definitely leaves you sweating.

I was overjoyed to get a nice pair of gray Sugoi socks to test out on my next long run.  A little more subtle than my hot pink CEPs, but not quite as ugly as my husband's black Gold Toes, I was set to do a 16-mile marathon training run on a busy road.  I still feel a little self conscious in long socks, but that's something I need to get over.

The first thing I noticed is how easy the Sugoi socks are to put on.  Pulling it up was almost as effortless as sliding into a long cotton gym sock.  I know this means they sacrifice some of the compression that the CEPs offer, but the fact that I'm more willing to wear them for every run has to count for something.  My CEPs spent a few runs in my closet because I just didn't have the energy or patience to put them on.

The Sugoi socks definitely aren't as tight as the CEPs, but it does offer a number of bonuses in terms of fit:  Progressive support down the sock, a comfort band around the sock, the special ""Y"" heel, the lace pad, the sculptured terry comfort foot bed with reinforced heel and toe and the Reverse Lin Toe.  These added perks made them fit my foot and calves so well that I felt like I was wearing custom socks.

The Sugoi R+Rs don't have the hardcore death grip of the CEPs.  They're definitely looser.  But there's no comparison when it comes to how well he Sugoi socks fit my feet.  The CEPs had some extra material that bunched around my toes, while the Sugoi R+R felt like an extension of my foot.  So far I've gotten no blisters, even on my longest trail runs.

I have no scientific proof that says compression socks boost performance while marathon training.  In the end, I like the way they make my calves and feet feel both during and after a run.

In terms of providing compression, I think both socks are great, but the CEPs provide more.  Unfortunately, they're so tight they're hard to get on.  When it comes to fit, feel and the ease of use, I'd definitely go with the Sugoi R+R Knee High.



Posted on Aug 1, 2011