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See-Through Jackets by

Nike’s Cyclone Vapor Jacket ($100) is extremely lightweight with a flocking pattern of black dots. The flocking is supposed to reduce static cling between the thin fabric and your skin so the jacket doesn’t stick to you and to create airspace. There is a pocket in the lower back that can be used to store anything from gels and salt tablets to the jacket itself.

In the same class of apparel, Sugoi ($120) offers the Hydrolite Jacket. No flocking pattern on this jacket, but the fabric, if you can call these synthetic materials fabric, seems a bit more substantial. There is a patch of vented material under the arms and reflective taping along the shoulders. The areas of the zipper that receive the most stress have reinforced seams.  Solid construction overall gives one a sense that this jacket, despite its see-through nature, is quite durable.


Posted on Aug 1, 2011