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Our modern lives force us outdoors to commute and train in the dark, making it essential to be visible at night. 

At SUGOI, we specialize in apparel that allows you to perform when the elements don’t cooperate, including darkness. With the Zap, SUGOI opens the door to a new era of visual technology. Thanks to our Zap fabric, you don’t have to worry about staying safe as the days turn into long nights. Zap will keep you ultra-visible in low light conditions.

The secret lies within our Zap Woven fabric. Micro-glass beads applied to the woven fabric shell provide explosive, full-garment illumination plus water protection when conditions get ugly. When entirely constructed with Zap fabric, reflectivity is no longer restricted to small patches. An entire garment can become your source of visibility. And with Zap accessories like helmet and shoe covers, you can light up the night from head to toe.

Best of all, Zap only reveals its hidden power when struck by artificial light, allowing color and style to play the lead role in the daytime. See the Zap in action below.

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