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2nd, October 2014

Insulating fabrics suffer from a compromise matrix. Down is warm but traps heat and useless when wet.  Synthetics continue to insulate when wet but still don’t breathe, leading to overheating and trapped sweat. For high output activity, overheating is not an option, but outdoor athletes have been stuck dealing with this series of trade-offs.

This fall SUGOI continues our partnership with Polartec® to bring you the Alpha Hybrid Jacket.  Polartec® Alpha® delivers a unique blend of lightweight warmth and true breathability in a puffy garment that won’t restrict movement or lose it’s effectiveness when wet.

Sugoi Introducing Alpha Hybrid Mens
Alpha®’s air exchange combined with Sugoi’s innovative Zone Insulation Design allows you to stay warm and dry, without overheating – custom made for high output activity.
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Sugoi Introducing Alpha Hybrid Womens
Center back channel of Midzero fabric allows for optimum mobility, offering flexibility to stay in tune with an athlete’s movement. Side torso and arm fabric also offers added breathability to combat unwanted overheating when in motion.
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Alpha Hybrid Jacket

VP of Design, Rob Gill tells the story of the birth of the Alpha Hybrid Jacket.

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