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19th, September 2014   |   TAGGED: brandchampion, ironman

Every individual must find their own path to get to this monumental event.  To earn a ticket to the iconic Ironman World Champions in Kona takes a lot of things.  Sacrifice, determination, a great support system and maybe most important, a unique ability to ignore pain, both on race day and in the months of training that come before it.

As we anticipate the excitement of Kona ahead of us, we want to reflect on the journey of Brand Champion Dylan Gleeson, from Triathlon newbie just 3 seasons ago to Ironman Whistler age group winner in 2014.  We can’t wait to cheer Dylan on in Kona this month!

At the beginning of 2014 we asked Dylan to pack a GoPro along on his training routine and bring us back some raw footage of his day to day work out,  preparing for the biggest race of his life. Then sat down with the budding triathlon star to get to know what makes him tick.

Part 1: Road To Whistler

Dylan Gleeson discusses turning 30, putting his career on hold and the daily training grind.

Part 2: Road to Whistler 

We catch up with Dylan to chat diet, his early race season and peak training days.

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